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Who am I?


Please note: The English version of this blog is under construction. 

Sorry and Thanks for your understanding. 

I’m an author of children’s books and, yes, I’m also a mom!

There are a lot of books, masterpieces that have helped my daughters (now 2 and 5 years old) to love reading, wonderful illustrated comics and unforgettable stories that I didn’t write. I hope in the coming months to find time to talk about those too.

For now, in this blog you will find (all) my books, divided broadly by genre.

Every author offers a different view of the world, each reader chooses what stories to listen to and what viewpoint to promote; what you like is relative… and parents’ tastes don’t always match their children’s!

I love stories that live beyond the confines of the cover, giving young readers something: an idea to ponder, an afternoon to remember, a hearty laugh to enjoy always.

My books are for kids who like to play.

My drawings are simple, basic, like those a child could do alone, with crayons or paints. My books are experiences: materials to be transformed or destroyed to encourage manual dexterity; albums to fill in and give as gifts, to collect feelings, to be carefully kept and browsed through when our children are grown up and no longer draw on every scrap of paper they find; fun adventures on paper to be wadded up, blown on, shaken; funny stories and books to read together, to see life from a child’s point of view, and sometimes talk about important issues. Very recently, I have also devoted myself to classic fairy tales, beginning with Little Red Riding Hood.

And there are many new things in preparation… stay tuned!

I’m an independent author.

What does that mean? I pursue my publishing project, I do many things on my own. For now, you’ll only find me on Amazon, and many thanks to all.

Il bruco di Scuoti questo libro ringrazia_ Olimpia, autrice di libri per bambini

The pages of this blog contain complete previews of all my books, because as a mother I prefer to read before buying for my little girls.

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