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My Moms

A book to be completed and given as a gift – for kids with two moms

A book to be completed and given as a gift – for kids with two Moms

An album that gives free rein to children’s imagination, to scribble in the coloured frames.

Children are asked to describe their moms – and themselves – using given adjectives (smart, good-looking, strong, friendly…) or inserting new ones; to draw themselves, their moms and their whole families; to indicate their favourite activities and games with moms; to create a real artwork, colour the outline of a heart and make a drawing recalling an adventure they’ve had together; finally, to colour a large “I love you” and leave their handprint – to be completed with their moms’.

It doesn’t contain black-and-white drawings to be coloured in. Here it’s not important to stay within the lines, but to make a unique gift!
Little artists are free to express themselves in the best way. Moms are sure to love it!

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Below you will find the complete preview:

My Moms 0.2-Pagina001

My Moms 0.2-Pagina002 My Moms 0.2-Pagina003 My Moms 0.2-Pagina004 My Moms 0.2-Pagina005 My Moms 0.2-Pagina006 My Moms 0.2-Pagina007 My Moms 0.2-Pagina008 My Moms 0.2-Pagina009 My Moms 0.2-Pagina010 My Moms 0.2-Pagina011 My Moms 0.2-Pagina012 My Moms 0.2-Pagina013 My Moms 0.2-Pagina014 My Moms 0.2-Pagina015 My Moms 0.2-Pagina016 My Moms 0.2-Pagina017 My Moms 0.2-Pagina018 My Moms 0.2-Pagina019 My Moms 0.2-Pagina020 My Moms 0.2-Pagina021 My Moms 0.2-Pagina022 My Moms 0.2-Pagina023 My Moms 0.2-Pagina024 My Moms 0.2-Pagina025


+3 years

8.5″ x 8.5″ (21.59 x 21.59 cm) 
26 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1545179086/ISBN-10: 1545179085
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